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6 EAasy Healthy Snacks

Stress and hectic everyday life do not always make it easy to pay attention to the diet. Especially with the small meals in between, it is often difficult. However, who wants to pay attention to his figure and doing sports, should also choose the healthy option for the snack. Because the right snack can give you a lot of energy and help you meet the demands of the day. Even when concentrating and focusing, the right snack can help you.

If you want, you can also get good protein here. This helps to build muscle for the beach figure. But let’s be honest, a snack must also be prepared quickly. Long-standing in the kitchen is usually just not in there.

That’s why here are six snacks in between, which are not only totally healthy, contain many proteins, but are also prepared quickly and easily.

1. Nuts

It’s that easy. Nuts are healthy, can be taken anywhere and contain many important substances. You can also mix them with dried fruit.

2. Strained yogurt

Stir well and add berries or nuts. Stir again and the protein-rich snack is ready.

3. Chia seeds

Even the Maya knew the power of the Chia seeds and used them. Stir two tablespoons in 125ml of juice, infuse for 10 minutes, add juice and finish. The seeds contain valuable omega-3 fats and a lot of protein.

4. Humus

Made from olive oil, chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, this paste comes from the Arab world. Can prepare great and keeps in the fridge a few days fresh. Ideal for this is cucumber or carrot sticks.

5. Peanut butter sandwich

Of all the snacks presented here, certainly the one with the most stupid. It is important that you use peanut butter without added sugar. Tastes great on rye crispbread topped with fresh fruit slices.

6. eggs

Eggs are a real nutrient bomb! Here is everything in it, what you need so. Therefore, a hard-boiled egg as a snack is a great choice. And it is probably not so easy.

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