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A Lamp Hotel Obsessed with Digital Detox can determine the price you pay for your stay in Sweden

A winding serpentine lamp in Sweden waits to judge you or reward you enormously for your self-control on Valentine's Day. He will not judge your overpack, and it will not reward how well you laminated the routes. No. This Wi-Fi connected bed lamp gives only one thing – human sacrifice, in the form of not using the internet.

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Have self-control for a single evening and the " Check Out Suite " within Hotel Bellora is yours. Use the Internet for 2 hours (or for 30 minutes x 4 people) and the Wi-Fi detection light will turn red, indicating that the full price of the room will be charged to your family.

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This well-meaning marketing stunt now starts with applications that are open until 6 February for a chance to stay in the Check Out Suite on the night of February 14th. Combine the trend of digital cleaning in 2019 with a lanky red lamp and a hotel room in Gothenburg, Sweden, and we get a pretty sweet horror movie parody. For fun I wrote that parody:

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A woman in NYC pretends to be asleep. Her husband sighs beside her: maximum brightness of laptop. It's 2 o'clock. Lightning strikes. He sees this:

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He comes in. A week passes. An e-mail arrives – the whole family goes to Sweden.

Upon arrival, they are mysteriously sorted out one by one in the order in which they post Instagram stories. The last victim finds a phone with a video that could solve everything. There are hissing noises. Just as they realize, it is too late. The lamp, glowing red, is already rolling around them. It is WiFi bar eyes tick from 3 to 0. The hotel staff laughs in the corner.

"You should not have shared that meme."
Fade to black.

The Check Out Suite .

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