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These are the best proteins you should eat

Better animal and vegetable proteinsCuidar the feeding

Proteins are the key to keeping hunger under control and losing weight. But also, they are the essential nutrient responsible for building muscle tissue, that is, they are responsible for making your muscles look strong like Popeye.

Therefore, it is very important to eat protein to follow a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. And for this, we must take into account the origin of this nutrient, since there are both animal proteins and plant proteins, and not all contain the twenty amino acids, nine of which are essential. Hence the need to combine several foods rich in proteins.

So here you have nine of the foods that best proteins contain:

1. EggsThe egg is an energetic food

Not only do they contain 6 grams of protein each, but they also contain 6 grams of the best proteins. In addition, they contain choline and vitamins B12 and D, essential to maintaining adequate energy levels. And you can rest assured, eating an egg a day is not harmful to the cardiovascular system, nor to health in general.

2. Cottage cheeseCottage cheese for breakfast

For both sweet and savory healthy dishes, cottage cheese is a very healthy ingredient. It provides 25 grams of protein and 18% of the recommended amount of calcium per day and only one cup. It is also rich in casein, a protein that slows digestion and helps keep appetite at bay.

3. ChickenChicken meat is very healthy

Chicken meat should not be lacking in any diet for athletes, because it is an essential source of animal proteins, specifically about 30 grams of protein per breast. Due to its low-fat content compared to other meats, it is also recommended in diets to lose weight.

4. Cereals

Not all cereals have the same beneficial properties for the body. Nor the same amount of protein, since there are some cereals that contain more proteins. And among them is quinoa, because it contains the nine essential amino acids. They have to be whole grains since they contain more fiber and are complex carbohydrates, ideal for diets to lose weight since they have satiating properties.

5. FishSalmon good for sunburn

Low in calories and highly nutritious, fish is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, good for the heart and to reduce bad cholesterol. In addition, they help keep the brain active. What are the healthiest fish? Tuna and salmon, among others. Experts recommend eating fish at least twice a week.

6. VegetablesPinto beans to increase muscle

Tiny, but loaded with proteins and healthy fiber for the heart. In addition, they are a source of vitamin B. Beans, lentils, soy pods or peas. They cannot miss a diet for athletes who want to increase muscle.

7. Greek yogurtBest snacks for at night

Perfect for breakfast, as a healthy snack or for dinner. Greek yogurt contains 17 grams of protein per serving. And if you add chopped fruit or cereals and nuts, it can become a very nutritious healthy food. Better than Greek yogurt is natural yogurt, without preservatives or dyes that provide flavors and many sugars.

8. NutsEat mixed nuts

Nuts are known to be rich in unsaturated fats, that is, healthy fats. But they are also loaded with proteins. In addition, nuts are very healthy and help prevent many diseases, according to several studies.

9. Green leafy vegetablesRed cards to increase muscle mass are food

Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, mustard greens or chard, among others, are a source of essential plant proteins, just like the famous kale. And they are very low-calorie foods, which makes them the perfect allies for diets for athletes and diets to lose weight.


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