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Colorado Deputies charged in Death of Man transported to Detox Center

Two deputies from the Sheriff Office in Colorado were charged with manslaughter, after researchers had determined that they had killed a man by placing him in an enclosed space on his stomach while transporting him to a detox facility in September. Demetrius Shankling, 23, was picked up by the deputies, but became unresponsive and did not breath when he arrived at the Addiction Recovery Center. Shankling was placed on life support but died 27 days later. In an autopsy report, he concluded that he died of "positional asphyxia in which the combined toxic effects of ethanol and amphetamine contributed," and death was ruled by murder.

According to the camera movement and the transport bus, the two auxiliary sheriffs placed the Shankling physically on his stomach with his hands behind his back on the floor of one of the storage trolleys of the transport cart, containing benches with safety belts. According to the sworn statement, Shankling, who was 6 feet tall, was placed in the rear compartment of the passenger side, which is less than 5 feet in length. Both men reportedly had a training that warned not to place a person that way because of the risk of asphyxia.

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