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Full Circle Detox Solutions Reports: Prescription Opioid abuse is an epidemic in the US – Press release

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention described abuse of prescription drugs in the US as a growing and deadly epidemic. US deaths from an overdose of opioid addicts have grown from about 4,000 in 1999 to about 19,000 in 2014.

Extended release formulations are attractive targets for non-medical abuse because they contain relatively large doses of the active drug. Although the drug is intended to be delivered for a longer period of time, abusers often destroy the mechanism for releasing time by chewing, crushing or dissolving the formulation in commonly available household drinks or solvents

. the government and a number of national legislators have introduced laws and regulations and in some cases even adopted them to encourage the development of abusive and fear-abusing forms of painkillers. The FDA has stated that prescription drug abuse is a priority, and the development of abuse-deterring opioids is an important part of that strategy.

According to Full Circle Detox Solutions, chronic pain affects about 100 million people in the US. and 20-30% of the world's population – more than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. As such, chronic pain is a widespread and growing problem for which many patients do not receive adequate treatment. In many cases, pain is under-treated because of concerns about abuse and tampering with currently available treatment options. Although prescribed opioids remain the primary treatment for chronic pain the increasing public health concerns related to abuse and abuse of these analgesics have sometimes led to a reduction in patients' access to safe and effective treatments

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