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Here's how to fully detoxify your beauty routine – and why you should

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The urge to detoxify this time of the year is not just a mental issue. "Many people have to get their skin and hair in balance again after the holidays and adapt to the cold and dry weather," says Dara Kennedy, the founder of Ayla a natural beauty salon in San Francisco.

To do this, you want to change your beauty routine in smart, simple ways to first rehydrate, and then cheer, smooth, sound and much more. Your make-up can also benefit from a few swaps to help you create a trendy look that matches your skin tone. It is a total refresher that makes you energetic and energetic and it starts here.

Restart skin

It starts with a deep cleansing. But instead of scrub on the skin (which can exacerbate the dry state, says Joshua Maniscalco, a beautician and founder of [SanFranciscoSkinClinic), you charge on a cleansing oil that the surface dirt, makeup and even pollution particles moisturize, balance and remove. Pestle & Mortar Erase Balm Cleanser ($ 59, ) is a great specimen containing grape seed extract, pumpkin seed oil and prickly pear oil. Massage it into dry skin and then place a warm, wet washcloth over your face to gently wipe away oil and make-up. Step 2 of your reset: a detoxification mask (such as the Bioré Blue Agave & Baking Soda Whipped Nourishing Detox Mask, $ 8, ). One made with charcoal or clay (like the Olay Glow Boost Clay Stick Mask, $ 14, ) will absorb the sludge from your pores; a prebiotic formula (such as the Algenist Live Prebiotic Balance Mask, $ 38, ) will help rebalance the ecosystem that lives on your skin and keep it calm and resistant to pollution and stress. Use the cleanser every day and a mask weekly. (Related: Celeb-approved face masks for your skin and budget )

Add one of the problems to address specific skin problems, such as an uneven tone, fine lines or lack of firmness . new targeted four-week skincare systems for your regime. You can start with a series of peels (which are very different from a laser treatment ) that exfoliate surface cells to make the skin brighter and clearer and also help to reduce necklines and large pores. Elizabeth Arden Prevance Progressive Renewal Treatment ($ 162, ) comes with four ampoules, each of which releases higher and higher concentrations of hydroxy acids that you apply for a month at night. "Gradually increasing the strength of the shell helps minimize sensitivity," says Dendy Engelman, M.D., a dermatological surgeon in New York City. You can also set a different problem every week: each of the four serums that are part of the StriVectin Skin Reset 4-week intensive rejuvenation system ($ 139, ) contains a completely different formula, from the anti-oxidant packaged barrier repair mix in week one with the peptide packed wrinkle warrior in week four

Hair rejuvenation

Washing your hair is the lowest of our beauty priorities in winter. (It's cold! And dry shampoo works wonders.) But if you do not shampoos regularly, your hair loses its bounce and shine, says celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine, "plus, your styling products and leave-in treatments do not work like that" deep clean you have to grab one of the newest detox shampoos, such as Color Wow Color Security Shampoo ($ 22, ) and Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Triple Detox Shampoo ($ 28, ). Old-school brightening shampoos can dry and make the strands rough and tangled, but these silicone and sulphate-free formulas use soft but effective sulphites to lift the build-up within a few washes and bring back movement and shine. Do you want to specifically clean your scalp? Massage a scalp scalp into your roots before you shampoo (we want the elastin protein and marine mineral rich Nexxus Clean & Pure Scalp Scrub, $ 15, ). Another advantageous move: book a haircut. "Even an edge that clears split ends will be much shinier and easier to handle," says the most famous hairstylist John D. of TreSemmé (Related: Alexa Chung on skincare, workouts and the hairstyle she wants to get ] )

Other products we love are the Sauce Beauty Coconut Cream Intense Repair Conditioner ($ 10, ) for dry threads, Biolage RAW Scalp Care Rebalance Conditioner ($ 25, ) for moisture without greasiness and SheaMoisture green coconut & activated charcoal exfoliating hair mud ($ 12, ) for balance and condition. (Also this shampoo is definitely worth the money if you want longer hair.)

Make-up refresh

first while you are doing normal make-up, you stand next to a window with a hand mirror and do a skin tone check Is your face a different color than your neck? If so, the shadow of your foundation, possibly corresponding to your summery skin tone, is no longer suitable. "Wipe foundation flakes in the middle of your neck to find the right shade, and if there's a tint in the skin, it looks natural on your face," says Dior makeup artist and brand ambassador Daniel Martin, who uses his fingers. to smooth out a liquid foundation everywhere and then tap it with a sponge. "This combines the formula with the skin to make it look completely seamless and real," he says. Because you probably wear a lighter foundation shadow than before, you may miss the warmth of your skin. "Fix that with a bit of bronze on the edge of your face," says Martin. (Related: The best matting foundations, tinted moisturizers and BB Creams for a filter-like finish )

Then, as the last update for the new season, you sweep over a metal eyeshadow. "I love a cobalt blue," says Martin. "It behaves like an accessory and adds a cool color to an otherwise neutral face." Two of our favorite beauty products: Stila Shade Mystery Liquid Eye Shadow in Mythical ($ 24, ) and Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation Glow ($ 52, ).

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