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It is time for Marie Kondo to manage your finances

Charity trays in Australia are running and Lifeline says that half of the stores in the country can no longer accept donations because they have the capacity


Meanwhile St. Vincent de Paul reported that it usually receive 30,000 kilos per week of used clothing to the distribution centers in Western Sydney, but in the past few weeks you have grown to 50,000 kilos per week.

Now I love as much a good de-clutter as the next person. [19659004] The problem arises when we refused and minimized without asking ourselves what the rubbish brought in our homes in the first place. That is why we do not need annual Marie Kondo-like purification of the items that we have bought in the year and that we are giving away or throwing away now. That is not good for our wallet or the environment.

Instead, I think this is the perfect time to address why we are in a cycle of financial noise and cleanup. That way we can begin to change the behavior that has led to the elimination of mountain waste.

This means that we did the same with our finances that we have just done at home, so that we create a stressful situation. free financial environment in which we are conscious consumers, instead of standard spenders or hamsters. An environment in which we design the lives we love, instead of leading a life as standard.

These 30 days in which you have not bought anything that does not connect with a new path of minimalism.

Now that the stupid season is over, it is the perfect time to start and I believe it starts with a 30-day detox. That means you have to buy 30 non-essential things.

If you have had Marie Kondo in your house, you have detoxified the house. Now you move that same way of thinking to your finances and detox yourself there.

The goal of the financial detox is to find out why you spend.

At those times when you are tempted to spend, ask yourself why is that spending?

Is it because you are stressed, sad, bored, lonely, excited, festive and where can you get a dopamine hit instead of through your bank account?

For 30 days you can not buy anything that you commit to a path of minimalism and you also start to create strategies around what to do when you normally reach for the plastic or the click to buy.

During this time, it's a great opportunity to discourage all sites on social media to encourage you to spend, to follow everyone who triggers sabotage in the comparison culture and even cuts credit cards or gets them out of your wallet, so you can not tap and go.

Of course not all of us are Penders. Some of us are hoarding and during the 30 days it's time to ask yourself, how much is enough?

With which bank balance do you feel safe, how can you spend without guilt and how can you enjoy today and not just worry about tomorrow?

Becoming a conscious consumer

During the 30 days it is an opportunity to challenge your money thinking – to ask what joy in your life arouses (not just your house) and what life do you want to design? It is a time to set financial goals around the release of that life. To consider setting up multiple bank accounts and automating your wages to them and living in your daily account so that you can spend it without debt.

It asks where the mess is in your finances – where the multiple super accounts are, the mortgage you have strived for a better rate, the multiple credit cards, the personal loan, the overdue account that always has a balance, or the many other parts of your finances that can be with some tidying up and tidying up. And then do something about it.

In short, it becomes a conscious consumer, one who is not financially and someone who is excited about creating joy, not only in their homes, but throughout their lives. [19659004] Yes, that means your finances – the only place we often avoid when we think joy, well-being and stress-free, because it often makes us feel different from

Melissa Browne is managing director of A & TA and financial planning firm De geldstaaf.

Melissa Browne is an accountant, consultant, author and shoe addict.

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