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Mandy Moore Interview Favorite Detox Rituals

If you were born between the years 1980 and 2000, Mandy Moore is probably a household name. Everyone knows her for roles in films like A Walk to Remember and The Princess Diaries her singing career and of course her role in the award-winning TV series that is guaranteed to make you like a baby This Is Us . What you may not know is that like us here at MBG, she loves wellness. We took place with her, only a hair from Central Park, to talk about all things wellness, natural beauty, supplements and self-care.

"Come down!" she says as she taps excitedly against the sofa cushion next to her. And while we exchange courtesies, I can not help thinking that sitting down to chat with Mandy Moore is exactly as I expected: like sitting with someone you just met at a party, ready to argue about everything and still what. Despite her success and reputation in the long term, she has managed to remain infallibly sober and completely sympathetic, both in the public eye and, as it turns out, also in person.

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