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Opioid intervention court opens in Troy

TROY, N.Y. (WRGB) – There is a new local effort in the fight against the opioid crisis. Troy City Court is now one of the 14 opioid intervention courts in the state, making it a more difficult process to treat suspects who are addicted.

It is designed to provide immediate assistance to a non-violent suspect who would appear on the city court drug complaint.

It's all a process. After an arrest, the suspect is screened by Troy Police, who determines whether they need extra help. That person is then interviewed by a resource coordinator for the regional fairground of Troy, and if they are eligible, the person is referred to a 90-day detox program.

To stay in an opioid court, the person must do detox and come to court five days a week. But the person's case is still being pursued in an opioid court as soon as they are considered stable.

"The Opioid Court deals with the treatment of non-violent suspects with opioid issues as quickly as possible to prevent overdose deaths," Bonnie said. Hazard, Resource coordinator for Troy Regional Treatment Court

It is a big partnership between the court, the hospital and the Troy Police. Those involved say that it also requires an effort from the community to tackle this opioid crisis that affects so many people.

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